Meetups, conferences, network events are all great ways to meet new people in your industry, but it can be difficult filtering out the people most relevant to you. Here’s a great trick to have these people come to you:

At the start of a networking event there’s often a few presentations. Usually there’s time for Q&A or a speaker might actually ask the audience a question. Most people don’t engage, but what I try to do is ask (or answer) at least one insightful question that lets people know who you are.

You don’t want to be that douche that tells his whole life story before finally asking the question, but it’s perfectly reasonable to give a one-sentence description of who you are or what you do. Make the sentence something bold, memorable and intriguing. The line I used yesterday was “I help startups get their first 500 customers” referring to my goals with Beta List. Notice how it’s different from “I’m the founder of Beta List” which is meaningless, unless people would already know about Beta List which wasn’t the case here.

After the presentation (or workshop in this specific example) multiple people approached me to learn more about what I do and we had some great talks.

It’s an obvious, but powerful trick. Give it a try.


Guest post by Marc Köhlbrugge, founder at Beta List, a platform to discover and get early access to the latest internet startups.


Image credit: PublicDomainPictures


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