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Rockstart Accelerator announces 2013 class

After a multi-step selection process, which took a couple of weeks, Rockstart Accelerator has weeded down its applications to the final 10 that will form its class of 2013. The Amsterdam based accelerator has hereby concluded the selection of its second class, the program of which will start mid March and run until demo day: 13 June 2013. Now for an overview of the startups:

3D Hubs
“A local production network, opening 3D Printing for everyone.” The startup offers 3D printers access to their network to become a hub and attract more clients, whereas consumers and businesses can use their network to find 3D printers close to them. Amsterdam based, founded by Bram de Zwart and Brian Garret.

“Where gamers come to meet.” Amiquo aims to improve the way online gamers connect, interact and cooperate online by offering them a dedicated platform, initially focussed on Minecraft. The company was founded by Jean-Pierre Pequito (who will write about his Rockstart experience for us) and Pedro Magalhães, the company also completed the pressure cooker program at UtrechtInc.

“Intelligent business proces analytics”. The German Cupenya team offers businesses a suite of dashboard style analytics to improve the quality of their business information systems.

“Gibbon is reinventing learning on your iPad. Follow experts and learn at your own pace.” Offers ‘experts’ the opportunity to form educative streams of videos, articles etc. that ‘students’ can then follow and learn from. Leiden based, founded by Petar Radošević, Joeri Djojosoeparto and Wouter de Bres.

“Medical system without complications.” The Brazilian company offers software to help clinics increase their productivity by among other things improving their planning of consults.

“A world without noise.” Turkish startup Limk aims to become a safe haven for people that have been overcome by the flood of massive amounts of information by offering them ways to filter. Founded by Oguz Serdar and Ozer Dolekoglu.

Receive discounts based on your shopping list (“coming soon”)…

“Γρήγορη Αναζήτηση”. Portuguese was ok, but I have to draw the line at Greek… The startup offers a way to improve the experience of parking (Parking Defender).

VanChefs lets you order food from experienced chefs in your own neighborhood. “Fresh, healthy, affordable and delivered to your home.”  The startup (Amsterdam based) was founded by Lisanne Buik, who has recently been joined by one or two extra teammates.

“Unique Jewelry. For me. By me!” Design and print your own jewelry in a user friendly manner. Founded by Rob Draaijer, Gert Jan Spriensma and Martijn van der Veen the team was in doubt between Utrecht and Amsterdam, I guess the decision has been made very easy now.

We’re looking forward to following the progress of the above startups through the program and Jean-Pierre (co-founder Amiquo) will write about his experiences with a weekly column (starting this afternoon).

Photo credits: Dan Lundberg 

Disclaimer: Author Wouter Kneepkens is a mentor to above mentioned startup Amiquo.  

Wouter Kneepkens
Startup guy, mentor & investor with finance background | fund manager @ VNT.RE | founding editor @ StartupJuncture | co-founder @ SNTMNT | INSEAD alumn | Singapore & Amsterdam | Wouter Kneepkens
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