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Dutch entrepreneurs help themselves at Rockstart Answers

Starting a business is very challenging and startup founders therefore need all the help they can get. At several points in their growth they struggle with strategic questions. Traditional business advisors are not always able to give the best advice. Luckily there is an alternative for Dutch startups: At Rockstart Answers, they can ask their question to fellow entrepreneurs. After several successful events in Amsterdam, Rockstart Answers is leaving the Dutch capital and will visit 8 other cities in the next few months.

Rockstart answers is part of the Rockstart umbrella of startup initiatives. Rockstart is best known for its Accelerator, which accepts 10 startups a year for a 3 month program. Rockstart answers is a separate event, aimed at a wider group. It is managed by Gregor Noltes and Fabian Liebig. They identify 5 startups with a burning question, help them prepare a question pitch and organize a presentation where experienced entrepreneurs listen to the questions.

Part of the success of the event is the strict ‘rule of three’ formula. Startups prepare three slides, get three minutes to present their company and question, get questions from the audience for three minutes, and have to wait three minutes while the audience members write their answers on the feedback cards. The format encourages breadth of thinking and make sure all insights are captured and shared with the startups.

Tour schedule
All past events of Rockstart took place in Amsterdam or outside The Netherlands (Berlin and Vilnius). Since many startups are located elsewhere, Rockstart Answers has announced a small tour including many Dutch university cities.

Do you have a burning question? Go to the Rockstart Answers website and sign up for a session.

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