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Rockstart mini demo day (part II)

Last Friday Rockstart Accelerator, who announced a partnership with Rabobank today, hosted a first mini demoday for its 10 startups. In three quick minutes the teams got the chance to showcase their business, progress and trajectory to an audience of investors and mentors. Earlier this week we covered the first five startups, it’s now time for the second set of pitches.


The mini demo day crowd

Kicking off after the break was Felipe Lourenço for iClinic. “A web-based secure system that allows the physician to carry the data from his clinic and patients in his pocket, providing access from anywhere.” Felipe tested his hypothesis of whether Brazilian physicians would be interested in getting access to patient data on the go and got some impressive results. 85% of physicians contacted recognised the problem and were interested in the solution. Interestingly the (mainly Dutch) audience was wondering about privacy and patients concerns for security of their data. These were explained as being of somewhat lesser interest in Brazil and iClinic fully complies with Brazilian legislation. The company already generates first revenues.

Then came the Turkish founders of Limk, (“Limk offers a clean feed built around your interests by cutting through the web noise intelligently”) with an unfortunate start. Language barriers and nerves initially overwhelmed founder Ozer Dolekoglu. But, after a heart-warming extra intro by Rockstart founder Oscar Kneppers himself, Ozer gave his presentation a second try. Although he clearly receives kudos for trying again it was not the presentation that positively stood out, but that was more than compensated by the metrics! Limk already enjoys incredible usage (mostly in Turkey) with millions of views, high usage numbers, etc. All shown on a very professional internal metrics tracking dashboard. With some work on the pitch (or someone else pitching) this could be a real gem on stage at demo day!

Next up John Katsiotis’ Rockstart swagger, pitching Parking Defenders. “Parking Defenders brings Yield Management to parking lots through a social-based platform.” The Greek co-founder had an entertaining presentation, detailing the ups & downs of startup life, Amsterdam (weather) and customer development. John was sad to have found out that: “customers tell you what THEY want to tell you, not what YOU want them to tell you…” They found making progress with the big Amsterdam parking companies to be difficult and were therefore starting to focus more on other cities.

Second to last pitch came from the women-only team of VanChefs. “VanChefs lets you order-in from the best chefs in town and share social meals.” Founder Lisanne Buik explained how the young team had already made a full pivot with their business. Their previous concept proved logistically unfeasible, so they shifted their plans from home chefs to restaurant chefs. It’s still early days for their new concept, but the team is clearly passionate about food, so their bound to run into something interesting during the process. They’re still looking for a third, technical, co-founder, so get in touch in case you share their passion for food and would like to be part of the journey.


Rockstart founder Oscar Kneppers

The final pitch was done by Rob Draaijer for his jewelry designing startup Zazzy. “Revolutionizing the way we create our own jewelry using 3D printing.”  Looks-wise his slides were second to Gibbon only, very nice. Strangely this smart team of three guys is focussed on the most girly concept in the Rockstart class. Which has drawdowns, as well as positives explained Robert: “I spoke to more women over the last four weeks than over the last four years before that”. The team had to decide where to focus on with their business and chose to go for fashion instead of going after special occasions (engagement, birthday, etc.) and are looking to add some designers to their platform in the next weeks.

The afternoon/evening closed with networking and drinks. Overall an excellent event and a good taste of what’s to come with the eventual demo day for Rockstart.

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