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New app and strategy advice from party with a local

pwal-logoParty with a local is a startup that helps tourists discover a city by connecting them to a local. The startup, like many other Amsterdam based startups, has been using the Lean startup methodology: rather than launch an app once and hope for the best, they are developing in small steps, learning and developing gradually.  The app, downloadable for iPhone here, received a  major upgrade this week  we talked to founder Dan Fennessy about the current progress.

The first version of Party with a local was released six months ago, after almost one and a half years of work. The first version was downloaded and used in almost 600 cities in 80 countries around the world (see the map). The largest uptake from users however has been in Amsterdam, close to the team.


Dan Fennessy stresses the need to be agile when building an app to conquer the world. As a self-funded startup they have to plan carefully what to do first. Here are some of the aspects they have included in their strategy:

pwal-partyFinding outside funding is not an immediate concern, although they are open for discussions. More importantly for them is to build their network. First of all they need early adopters: people willing to download their new app and try it out. So if you are a traveller or local and would like to make new friends, download the app here. Together with introductions to partners, press and events, this should help them with their Lean strategy to become, as Dan calls it, “THE APP that connects travelers and locals”.

Sieuwert van Otterloo
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