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Healthcare startup Nightbalance raises millions to accelerate international expansion

Delft based startup Nightbalance has raised a undisclosed amount of funding running into ‘several millions’ from existing investors healthcare venture capital firms Thuja Capital, Health Innovations and newly on board Van Herk Ventures.

Located at the YES!Delft incubator Nightbalance was founded in 2009 to  help people that suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can result among other things in severe tiredness, lack of concentration and increased risk of heart failure.

Sleep apnea occurs in particular when people lie on their back while sleeping. This is because during sleep their tongue relaxes and when in supine position falls backward easier causing the airway to be blocked. Current thinking is that 2 to 4% of the Western population suffers from sleep apnea.

The solution is sleeping on the side. Nightbalance has created a device called the Sleep Position Trainer (SPT) that signals the patient during sleep to turn on his or her side without disturbing the natural sleep pattern. The SPT has approximately the same size and weight of an iPod. It is worn around the chest with an elasticized waistband.

Currently the SPT is sold in seven European countries among which Great Britain, Switzerland and Italy. The funding raised enables Nightbalance to expand to five more countries.

“The SPT enables us to really change peoples life’s. They can participate actively in the work process again. The capital raised enables us to grow and reach our goal of helping at least 500.000 people globally before 2020”, says CEO Eline van Beest in a press release issued yesterday.

Dharminder Chahal, investment manager at Van Herk Ventures says that they are impressed with the solution that Nightbalance’s SPT offers to combat sleep apnea. “We believe that it’s going to be a global success.”

Photo Credit: Brian Wolfe

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  1. congrats Eline, Sem and others.

  2. […] Thuja Capital, based out of the Utrecht Science Park, is an independent venture capital firm specialized in investing in early-stage medical startups in the Netherlands and Belgium. The firm was founded in 2006 by Harrold van Barlingen and is one of the investors in success story Nightbalance. […]

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