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3D printing startup Zazzy launches with customized bracelets

zazzy_logoThis week, 3D printing startup Zazzy officially opened their platform to launch their 3D printed jewelry. Exactly two and a half months after the demo day of the Rockstart accelerator program they were in, they are now one of the first startups of their class to launch their service.

zazzy-startup3D printing is a perfect technique for making jewelry: it allows for original, more intricate designs that could not be made otherwise, the size of the objects fits the capabilities of current printers, and people appreciate having unique pieces.  Rockstart participant Zazzy makes it easy for people to start customizing their jewelry. Their first focus is bracelets. In these images you see the Startup Juncture version, as can be previewed from the website.

zazzy-junctureBesides text based bracelets, Zazzy also features designs from professional designers that can be customized. “My own ideas are now made adaptable at Zazzy. I am looking forward to see what other will do based on my designs”, sais professional designer Maaike van der Horn.

Zazzy is only one of a cluster of 3D-printing startups based in The Netherlands. Shapeways was one of the first and is one of the largest operators of print factories. 3D hubs, who recently received funding, is aimed at do it yourself designers that want to borrow some-one’s printer. Ultimaker produces ready made kits at home. All of these companies emphasize the technical side of printing. Zazzy really makes the connection to consumers, using 3D printing as an enabling technology for making exciting jewelry. Their first set of bracelets is just a start: we hope they help many more designers reach the jewelry market.

Sieuwert van Otterloo
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  1. 3D Plaza is also a Dutch based startup just starting @UtrechtInc launching their first release om Monday 9 September!

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