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Top 10 most funded Dutch startups Venturebeat missed

Many of us know how much funding companies like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other successful startups raised.  Dutch startups that took serious funding to grow faster are unfortunately less known. Recently Venturebeat published an infographic about the Hottest Hubs in the European Techscene. We were surprised “The Netherlands” was not on the list. In reply to this infographic (yes, infographics are a great conversation starter) Lorenz started a discussion on why Dutch startups might (indeed) not be Europe’s hottest startups.

We however felt that great injustice would be done to those brave Dutch startup founders that against all odds founded their startup and triumphed if we wouldn’t set the record straight.

The infographic (!) below highlights “our” best funded Dutch startups. Startups that raised $ 2 million or more in funding to grow faster. We are not saying that funding is a guarantee for success. It’s, however, an important indicator for early stage startup success.

01_top ten dutch startups_b

Every startup has its own story and growth strategies. Some startups think it is not necessary for them to take funding in order to grow. Others want to take funding because it’s their believe this is the best way to grow faster. The startups mentioned above have all raised funding in different stages. Ranging from Angel Rounds, Series A and B. If you want to know more about how to fund a startup, read this blogpost by Paul Graham. He wrote a great article about startups and funding.

Editors note: We used data from Crunchbase to make this overview. Crunchbase is the free database of technology companies, people and investors worldwide. Veliq, the company raised $ 9 million in capital is not included in the infographic. StartupJuncture partnered with Funk-e and we will publish a new infographic every month. If you have any ideas or suggestions for one of our next issues, please let us know via twitter or e-mail.

Tijs Markusse
  1. Nice overview.

    Some additional context like valuations (when available and reliable) as well as details of when the money was raised would tell so much more of the story.

    Hope to see some new companies enter the chart in the next month!

  2. Lucien Burm says:

    A crunchbase based list is very incomplete, especially for Dutch startups. Though i am not completely sure if you really want/need to be on such a list, i know from some trusted sources there are view more that would change list quite a lot 😉

  3. Nice insight!

    What about Mendix? 🙂 13 MLN, 2 years ago?

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