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Dutch startup news wrap up (week 45)

Here’s a little wrap up of Dutch startup news that you might have missed this week.

This week was dominated by the news of the Agenda #StartupNL of the Dutch liberal party. Also, two more Startupbootcamp Amsterdam alumni got funded pretty well. Next to that, this week was loaded with inspiring events, such as TEDxAmsterdam, de Week van de Ondernemer (week of the entrepreneur) in Eindhoven and the Accenture Innovation Awards.

Oh yeah, we interviewed some guy named Robert Scoble as well.

So, what else do you need to know from last week?

WakaWaka gets a business model

The solar light that took the world by storm, WakaWaka, finally got a business model. The solar light is meant for the poorest of countries, where electricity is scarce and expensive. For instance, the startup donated 12.000 WakaWaka’s to Haiti via a buy one, give one programme.

At the Accenture Innovation Awards, co-founder Camille van Gestel announced that WakaWaka will make money with pre paid cards. Now the solar lights have a little technical addition, which makes it possible to accept micro payments from pre paid cards. A pilot will start in Q1 2014 in Rwanda.

Peeing is fun with Heppyfly

The company Heppyfly is still hoping to raise a total of 50.000 euro with crowdfunding platform Symbid. For what? Well, for turning urine into cash. The urinoirs of Heppyfly let men play games while they’re taking a pee. For one euro men can use their pee to win prizes, like, well… more beer (which means more pee obviously).

Although the crowdfunding of 50k didn’t took off (the crowdfunding project is from last year), the municipality of Dutch city Breda donated 35.000 euros for the idea this week. So with the 12.000 euros from Symbid, Heppyfly is almost there. As long as it doesn’t get into a pissing contest with Silicon Valley.

This week was an exciting week when it comes to Dutch startup news. Did we miss something? Leave a comment!

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