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Dutch House of Representatives agrees to improve startup policies

A majority of the Dutch House of Representatives has agreed to turn the startup agenda of Dutch liberal party VVD into concrete measures to improve the startup climate in the country. This was stated in an official press release of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Entrepreneurs, students and policymakers proved to be enthusiastic about the measures, that were initiated by VVD last week. We wrote about the agenda here. The proposal, presented by liberal representative Anne-Wil Lucas, contained over 40 adjustments, amongst which a special startup visa and the easing of tax rules.

Lucas believes that startups are ‘a secret force in Dutch economy’, pointing at fast growing companies like WeTransfer and Booking.com as examples of the potential.

“Startups prove to be an important vehicle in solving social problems”,  Dutch Minister of economics Henk Kamp declared at a debate on the subject.

The House of Representatives plans to present more concrete measures by spring of 2014.

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