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Startup LayerGloss adds to funding with new round

Content app creation platform LayerGloss announced a new funding round yesterday. The Amsterdam based startup raised EUR300k from angel investor Hans Veldhuizen, bringing its funding to date to c. EUR675k.

LayerGloss offers on app creation platform, specifically tailored to content providers like magazines or blogs. Using its custom templates it claims creating an app via its platform is as easy as “Drag, Drop & Publish”. Initial use of the app is free, up to the point where a user might want to submit an app into the Appstore, or the team of collaborators increases to above five.

The site shows 15 showcase apps, which have been created uses its 144 currently available templates. The platform is available in English and with the current investment the team plans to expand to the Spanish speaking market too.

Founder Phuong Do previously raised US$500k from CE Tech Invest and Javest Investment Fund (December 2012) and was part of Startupbootcamp’s initial Amsterdam class of 2012. Phuong and co-founder Martin van Spanje deliberately chose to raise another round with an angel investor first, instead of trying to go for venture capital. Through this route they hope to contain the dilution of their own stakes in the young firm.

Their new investor, Hans Veldhuizen, was the founder of Albumprinter (EUR60m exit to Vistaprint) and web analytics agency Nedstat (Exit to Comscore). His investment in Layergloss marks the first investment in a high-profile internet startup for his firm Indictis, which holds various other stakes in startups.

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