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These are the startups selected for Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014

Only days after the demo day of their last program, startup accelerator Startupbootcamp is announcing the participants in their next program. These are the finalists of the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014 class. This ‘horizontal’ class was open for all startups regardless of their industry. More than 700 startups applied and out of these 15 startups were invited to travel to Amsterdam to make a final pitch. Eleven startups were selected, and they will move to Amsterdam in order to undergo an intense 100 program.

Startupbootcamp is organizing their Amsterdam program for their third time. The goal of each program is to ‘accelerate’ these startups in a period of 100 days, and then help them obtain funding. Startupbootcamp has a very successful trackrecord: 70% of the startups that graduated from Startupbootcamp have obtained funding, and 69% are still active. The stats (all of which can be found here, SBC is a very transparent organization) are even better for Amsterdam as a city.

The eleven finalists have just been announced, after two intense selection days:

Triprebel from Germany is a hotel booking service with a twist. Many hotels vary their prices from day to day. If you have booked your room with TripRebel, TripRebel will check the price continuously and cancel and rebook your room if it becomes available for a lower price. The website is already active and the founder claim to save each traveller € 53 on average.

Formtaste innovations, who have created Printie: a self-service kiosk which offers printing, copying and scanning. They aim to solve the issues of the urban professionals, who relies on mobile solutions like Macbooks, tablets and smartphones and needs access to professional printing services on the go.

The very young founders of SendCloud (21, 21 and 25 years of age) from The Netherlands have a webshop and used to spend a lot of time on labeling packages for sending. With Sendcloud they have automated this process: the delivery costs are paid automatically to PostNL and the correct label for dropoff is printed.

Leapfunder helps startups raising their first money through convertible bonds. The company has had some early successes, including raising funds for Buzzoek. The founders know SBC well: two of the founder (Tienko and Merien) have been SBC mentors in the past.

Wagaduu, a fast track for your sporting life. Store your records, find sports events and share them with your friends. Energetic Argentinian team looking to improve the lives of (semi-) professional athletes and organisors of run/swim/bike events in one go.

Proctor2Me, a web based proctoring system for ‘easy safe online exams’. While taking an online Harvard course one of the founders was asked to fly in for his exam to Boston, which made him decide test taking for MOOCs should be solved using a webcam and smartphone solution.

UndaGrid has developed low-power wireless sensors that can be used to build a distributed wireless network: the nodes communicate directly without the need for each node to be connected to a sender. The first application they are focusing on is to locate material (carts, stairs) for airports. Airports spend days per year locating all their material. With Undagrid, the material can communicate its own location directly.

Giaura, founded by three guys with a aerospace background has unique technology for capturing and releasing CO2. They first aim is to enter the aquarium market with a device that captures CO2 from the air and inject it into aquaria to increase plant growth.

Signatur.it, provides a simple and secure way of signing documents with legal validity, without installing any additional applications. Another Spanish team aiming to improve the lives of people that currently still need to process paper: gone are the days of printing, signing, scanning and emailing.

Ukky, is an application offering parents the chance to turn photos, videos and notes into stories about their child in a fast and simple way. Great quote from the pitch: “It seems as though the more picture of my child I take, the less likely I am to ever look back at them.” Ukky aims to make these pictures valuable again.

Iristrace, a tool for auditors, consultants, quality managers, controllers and any other jobs involving responsibility for inspection or controlling processes. This Spanish team eliminates the stacks of unstructured papers involved in (quality) control processes enabling the, cross-platform, online processing of checklists.

We will hopefully see all these startups at the final demo day of this event, that will take place on June 25th.

Photo: Startupbootcamp

Sieuwert van Otterloo
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