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Dutch government opts for improving nation’s startup ecosystem

Last fall Anne-Wil Lucas of the ruling Dutch liberal party VVD presented a proposal with over 43 measures to improve the Dutch startup ecosystem. A majority of the house representatives supported the proposal. Recently Lucas explained in an interview with Startup Juncture the importance of creating a vibrant startup ecosystem for the Dutch society and economy.

“Startups make up for a lot of jobs, 60 percent of the job growth comes from companies that didn’t exist five years ago. It’s only normal that we focus on those companies that can bring growth and job growth to the Netherlands”, she said.

The Dutch Cabinet seems to agree with Lucas. This Monday the Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, sent a letter to the Parliament on behalf of the Cabinet stating that the majority of the 43 measures proposed in StartupNL will be turned into government policy. 

Kamp says ambitious entrepreneurs are ‘sources of innovation, new jobs and productivity.’ They can accordingly play an important role in providing creative solutions for societal challenges such as affordable healthcare, sustainable energy and clean drinking water, he argues. Kamp: “I therefore want to give ambitious entrepreneurs all the leverage they need and abrogate barriers.”

Here is without further ado a short summary of the main points:

Unfortunately the letter is not available in English. Interested Dutch readers can download the letter here.

Update:  State Secretary for Security and Justice Fred Teeven announced today that innovative startup founders from outside the EU will get a respite of a year to work on their business plan and attract early stage funding. During this year they don’t have to be employed. If they subsequently successfully start their company they can as an entrepreneur apply for 2-year residence permit.

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