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Amsterdam businesses open their doors for first edition of OpenCo Amsterdam

OpenCo has announced that it will bring its “innovation festival” to Amsterdam. After previous editions in San Francisco, New York and London its first edition in Amsterdam will be held on May 15th. Open Co was founded to stimulate companies open their doors for the public and share their wisdom and knowledge with the community.

Were happy to see this festival finally coming to the Netherlands. After the first of Failcon last month we see another festival founded in San Francisco, setting foot  across the Atlantic. It launched in San Francisco two years ago and after the first European edition in London last year, Amsterdam is now opening its doors.

The organizers managed to get more than 50 Amsterdam companies to open their doors for the public. Rockstart, Twitter, Uber, Van Moof, CityHub, Tony’s Chocolonely, Smart.Pr, Peerby, and Atlassian are amongst the companies to sign up as hosts. Each will be opening their doors for a session through will they will be sharing their stories and give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the companies. Hopefully the organization will be able to create this open community, company and collaboration because this is what makes the concept unique in my perspective.

OpenCo Amsterdam is a free event for both hosts and attendees. To register please visit: http://ams.openco.us/en. We hope to see you on May 15th and hopefully next year the Netherlands will host its first edition of Open Co Holland :), where startups, corporates, universities, incubators and other service providers can meet to share knowledge and experiences.

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Tijs Markusse
  1. ZEEF will sign up to be a CoHost as well 🙂 Great initiative!

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