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Dutch Crowdfunding records

Crowdfunding is slowly growing from a niche market to a serious way to fund a business. Last week, car sharing startup Snappcar broke the record on the Oneplanetcrowd platform by raising more than € 350k. In this article we list the current Dutch record holders for each of the main crowdfunding platforms (Geldvoorelkaar, Oneplanetcrowd, Symbid, Crowdaboutnow and Leapfunder)

geldvoorelkaar-logoGeldvoorelkaar is as far as the author knows that largest crowdfunding platform in The Netherlands by volume. The platform has a total turnover of more than € 2 mln per month. An important caveat for entrepreneurs using this platform is that anyone who raises money is personally responsible for paying the loan back. One company Keesmakers did not read the fine print and had to refund the money after a successful campaign.  As a result, most campaigns on the platform are for traditional businesses, not innovative companies. The largest deal on the platform are:

This platform aims at innovative companies that have some social aspect. “new products for a better planet”. The platform is very flexible in the rewards offered to pledgers: from a thank you or a product to loans. The following are the largest deals.

Symbid is an equity based crowdfunding platform that makes pledgers indirect shareholders. They have facilitated 50 deals with a value of 3.3 million euro so far. The following companies are the record holders on Symbid:

crowdaboutnowThis platform has a focus on local initiatives by offering regional services. The platform supports both new and existing businesses and regular businesses and startups.  They have successfully closed 70 rounds and these are the largest:

leapfunderLeapfunder is a relatively new platform that aims at bringing together startups and small-to-medium informal investors. They are pioneering the use of convertible notes, to allow investors to benefit financially from the success of a startup, without having to fix an evaluation upfront. Their current record holder is Buzzoek:

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