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Contender for food delivery crown Takeaway.com raises further EUR74m and acquires German competitor

One of the largest European online food ordering startups, Takeaway.com, has just announced it raised a further EUR74 million in funding. The company, formerly known under its Dutch name Thuisbezorgd.nl, will use the proceeds to support its European roll-out and to fund a large acquisition.

Founder Jitse Groen announced the closing of his newest mega funding round. Existing investors Prime Ventures, who funding Takeaway’s earlier EUR13 million in 2012, are part of the new round. Together with Macquarie Capital, the investment arm of the Australian investment bank renowned for its infrastructure investments, they invest a hefty EUR74 million. It is likely, but by no means confirmed, that Macquarie is responsible for the bulk of the new injection. The terms of the funding were not disclosed, but given the size of the funding the valuation is likely to have been between EUR300 and EUR500 million.

Groen has reported he intends to use the new capital to strengthen his position and increase his growth in the foreign markets he is already active in. A large part of the funding will probably be used for the acquisition of German competitor Lieferando. German media had been reporting rumors of Takeaway’s interest as early as late March and are now proven correct.

Lieferando will be integrated in Takeaway’s existing German business: Lieferservice, forming one combined portal. Through this acquisition Groen secures a leading position in a second market after the Netherlands. Besides strengthening their German operations Takeaway are now also active in Poland, their tenth country, through this acquisition.

The German press has been speculating that Lieferando shareholders will have fetched a price of over EUR50 million from Takeaway. The German startup was originally founded in 2009 and received around EUR21 million in funding during its lifetime. Interestingly Macquarie was also one of the biggest investors in Lieferando. The Australians took part in a EUR15 million funding round for the German firm in 2012.

Today’s funding of Takeaway.com is the largest funding round for a Dutch startup ever, beating that of previous king’s of funding Shapeways. Some insights in further large Dutch fundings can be found here.

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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  1. hoangspham says:

    Didn’t know “thuisbezorgd.nl” has grown so big already!

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