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Thuja Capital announces new healthcare seed investment funds

Thuja Capital, a dedicated medtech VC, today announces the successful first closing of two new investment funds. The healthcare experts have raised initial funding the Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund II (TCHSF II) and Thuja Capital Healthcare Fund II (TCHF II).

Thuja Capital, based out of the Utrecht Science Park, is an independent venture capital firm specialized in investing in early-stage medical startups in the Netherlands and Belgium. The firm was founded in 2006 by Harrold van Barlingen and is one of the investors in success story Nightbalance.

Today’s two new funds will operate hand-in-hand, and aim to invest in early-stage private companies in or near The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), that develop cost-effective, innovative medical products, with clear benefits for patients and medical professionals.

Investment targets will all need to be healthcare/medical related, but could cover a broad spectrum within that industry. The funds will consider everything ranging from food & supplements to eHealth, medtech, but also drug development. Partner Michel Briejer: “The technology behind a medical product is of secondary importance to us; what counts is the purpose of the product: our interest is in products that have the potential to contribute to cure, care of prevention.”

TCHSF II has been fully capitalised, making use of the Dutch government facility for seed funds, the so-called Seed Capital arrangement and is operational. The VC does not shy away from early rounds and is looking to get involved in these with its seed fund. Founding partner Harrold van Barlingen: “With our new funds we will invest in product propositions regarding products that require (clinical) validation in order to demonstrate their added value to patients and medical professionals.”

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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