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Dutch startup news wrapup (week 19)

Here’s a little wrap up of Dutch startup news that you might have missed this week and what’s happening this week:

Startups are the future

In an recent interview with Former Dutch Prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende shared his thoughts about entrepreneurship, startups and the economic position of the Netherlands on the global stage. This is what Balkenende said in the interview.

Dutch Startup Ringcredible aqcuires Hongkong based company Yeloworld

In order for Dutch startup Ringcredible to grow its business in Asia it announced the acquisition of Hongkong based company Yeloworld. With this, acquisition the company’s user base will grow up to 2 million users.

Confer Call launches improved conference call experience

During The Next Web 2014 the Amsterdam based Confer Call demonstrated their new service which improves the conference all experience. Confer Call lets people start conference calls without having to reserve a time and use a pin code. Users select the attendees from their address book and the tool will call all of those people on your behalf. It does this at a fixed rate of 9 cents per minute, also for (most) international lines and for both mobile and regular phone numbers.
Confer Call have offered up EUR5 of conference call credit for StartupJuncture readers; use promotional code stju01 when signing up on their site.

Startup Meet Co-founders lunch @UtrechtInc

On May 16th, UtrechtInc (business incubator located in Utrecht) is organizing the first edition of the Startup Meet Co-founders lunch. Often times, a startup founder has a good business idea, but doesn’t know how to build the product. Or the founder has engineer skills but is lacking business skills. Single founders looking for a co-founder are invited to join.

First edition of Open Co Amsterdam this week

For the first time, the open innovation festival Open Co will be organized in the Netherlands.  On May 15th, startups, accelerators and other companies will be opening their doors for a session through they will be sharing their stories and give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the companies. Tickets are still available!

Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week

Meet up with startup minded people during the Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week this week. We talked about it last week; through workshops, panel discussions and talks, the program wants to stimulate entrepreneurship, encourage collaborations and also give a stage for tomorrow’s superheroes. The program will feature a pitch competition of 30 early stage innovative startups, joining from the Netherlands and neighboring countries, in the race to win the investor’s attention and the first place as the most feasible early stage startup.

Evolv Weekend goes to Venlo

Next to Maastricht, there’s a lot going on in another town in the province of Limburg: Venlo. Evolv Weekend Venlo is a three day action learning workshop covering entrepreneurship techniques and principles. The organization wants you to pitch a problem on Friday, validate the solution on Saturday and getting the first customers on Sunday!

Photo: Trey Ratcliff @ Flickr

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