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Third class of Rockstart accelerated internet & mobile startups graduate with Demo Day

This afternoon Amsterdam based Rockstart Accelerator presented its third cohort of startups of their Web & Mobile vertical at Demo Day. The 10 startups of Class 2014 presented their businesses to 450 investors, industry executives, mentors and press.

These were the ten companies to present at Demo Day:


Bomberbot is a game that encourages children to code in a simple, fun and visual way, available for schools as well as home version. By playing the game children will come to understand seven basic concepts that are essential for any programming language. The startups is currently running pilots in public and private schools in three Dutch cities and is expanding to other European cities in the upcoming months.


CoffeeStrap helps people learn new languages by doing rather than studying. The platform provides instant access to a language peer. “In order to get fluent in speaking a foreign language you need to engage in meaningful interactions, talking about topics that are relevant to you, with people you actually like”, says Italian co-founders Mahesh Casiraghi.


There are over 1 million self-producing furniture, fashion and product designers worldwide. But many of them struggle to effectively bring their products to the market. CrowdyHouse offers an online curated marketplace where designers can run sales campaigns and sell directly to consumers. With this model designers generate a better profit and consumers get authentic products from real people and with a story.


LeadBoxer delivers leads to B2B businesses. They identify visitors from website traffic and provides real-time qualified leads per company delivered via CRM, email, API, or reporting interface. Lead details are enhanced with contact data from multiple sources, including LinkedIn, KvK/Chamber of Commerce, and additional proprietary sources.


MatchHamster is a cloud-based application targeting online digital publishing platforms and businesses in PR and communications. MatchHamster allows users to track where their texts have spread and where it is being used online – whether it’s a plagiarized article or a (partly) used press release.

MatchHamster makes it possible to create new segments and allows you to quantify and monetize the spread of your texts online.

Social Honey 

Social Honey collects ratings and reviews for web content to measure its value to readers. They identify URLs that are relevant to the individual reader and recommend new links according to their interests. To reach a mass audience they integrate with publishers and provide insights into which content is worked with particular demographic and reader interest segments. Social Honey identifies readers, turning bounces and clicks into personas with interests providing real feedback on the page they view.


Every month millions of people that try to learn music through the Internet give up. Songvice is changing the way people learn to play music by connecting upcoming artists with music experts, making it possible to have tailored musical advice. They already have experts from ten different countries and seven different languages. Songvice aims to become the go-to place for online music education.


The taxi and minicab industry has been around for a long time and is losing business to new competitors with new technologies (such as Uber). Technorides provides taxi and transport companies with a transparent and easy way to manage their client services from a single platform. Contrary to booking apps, Technorides’ technology allows companies to manage fleets and drivers in the cloud, through a customized interface.

TOP Docs

TOP Docs aims to offer the best workflow for mobile workers, with platform and format freedom. On the mobile productivity scene, all major providers (Apple, Google, Microsoft and even Dropbox) are creating closed ecosystems that cannot communicate with each other. TOP Docs is a productivity hub that allows users to sync, share, write, edit and collaborate on the go with a focus on mobile. The app provides enhanced security and encryption on public clouds. Last week the Portuguese startup reached the impressive number of 600k users.


Wonderflow provides ecommerce stores with text and video reviews about their products. Their algorithm extracts data from dozens of sources, a ranking engine selects the best ones and publishes them through a widget on each product page. In pilots the startup has managed to demonstrate that the widget dramatically boosts conversions and time-on-site of online stores.

Further news coming up 

A few weeks from now Rockstart will release a detailed account of their Web & Mobile accelerator results from the 2012 and 2013 programs. “The results from the 2012 and 2013 alumni and the growth of the startups this year, place Rockstart Accelerator in the top 3 of European accelerators together with TechStars London”, says Rune Theill, co-founder and Program Director of Rockstart Accelerator.

Photo: Rockstart

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  1. mikevhoenselaar says:

    Not yet that excited.

    Bomberbot, cool, but kids need to see progress. See why they are learning this. Hopefully they will implement that.

    Coffeestrap, have been talking with them a couple if times. Can be huge. Big market. Liked their earlier beta better. They ask what I want to improve on Coffeestrap now if I haven’t even used it before in their match selection. I don’t get that kind of things. Takes too long to find a match, experience is not optimal for me to keep using it. gave up after 5 minutes of waiting :(.

    MatchHamster, had a bad first experience, what I would have done was a scrape my website functionality to make it easy. Show me how awesome it is. Or even better. During signup give URL and when I get to the dashboard first results already visible.
    They send empty mails and have a bad ux in their UI tutorial, but hey that can be fixed. Strange that none of the Rockstart mentors see these kind of things.
    Love the idea of this startup.

    Social Honey, like this a lot. Still wondering if they search for the internet for reviews and ratings. Hopefully they will do that. Another eKomi or Trustpilot isnt needed imo :).

    Songvice, A vertical for 24sessions :). Great market. Stands or falls with having famous music experts on the platform imo. Hope to learn how they did find them.

    TOP Docs, could be awesome. But not everyone has 5 accounts on all those services. They maybe have 1 or 2. So I love to know who their current client types are. Having second thoughts on using this and how useful it will be for me.

    Wonderflow, have been talking with them in the start. Still not convinced it actually increases conversion for my shop. Also from a SEO perspective, I want it on my own website, if I include it in HTML I can get penalised. And it wasn’t clear to me the reviewer on YouTube gets paid as well. I’m happy to pay 0,01 for a view if it increases 30% in conversion. 1000 visitors, conversion now is 10%, so 100 people convert. They can increase it by 30%, so 130 people will convert after using their service. With same amount of visitors. I have to pay them 10 euro. Seems a fair deal. 30 more product sold = 0,33 cent a product. Doable in a lot of product categories :).

    Innovation on the web is a lot more difficult then you would expect looking at these graduates :).

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