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Coconut startup GoodHout wins YES!Delft’s LaunchLab

Coconut startup GoodHout (‘good wood’) came out of its shell and won the third LaunchLab program after three months of testing its business model.

We all know coconuts don’t fall far from the tree. That’s why they’re easily picked up, cracked open and stripped from their deliciousness inside. However, the husk is more than often thrown away just as easy as it was picked up.

GoodHout tackles that problem. The startup takes the downside of the enormous waste and turns it into a benefit by making usable wood from the otherwise useless coconut shells. Now that’s sustainable.

Of course, there are a huge amount of businesses that recycle the husk. The most common use is to use the fibers (also called ‘coir’) and use it for something else. Coir, for example, is used to make charcoal, barbecue blocks, carpets and brushes. GoodHout however uses the husk to create wooden material.

During the finals of the program, 8 other startups pitched their idea and businessmodel. The jury of Launchlab praised founders Silvia ten Houten (what’s in a name) and Bas Lamfers for their sustainable and “economical interesting” idea.

Jury member Wouter Kok, CEO of the Dutch engineering company Deerns, is even considering to work together with GoodHout.

Image credit: Cyndy Sims Parr

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