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Dutchstartupdatabase offers overview of Dutch startups, founders & investors

After a couple of months of preparations the initiators of Dutchstartupdatabase have today released their overview of Dutch startups, founders and investors. With their Dutch database, inspired by the international Crunchbase, they hope to bring the actors in the startupscene closer together, as well as create insight for foreigners interested in what’s going on here.

As one of the initiators it has always struck me how difficult it has remained for startups and investors to find each other. Furthermore startups and founders also don’t really know each other. With this database, built with help of fellow Dutch startup Silk, we hope to get another step closer to a solution.

Besides bringing together the people already active on startups we also aim to provide insights into ecosystem to outsiders interested in finding out more. As StartupJuncture reps we get a lot of enquiries by journalists, investors and foreign media at events and via email about who the founders and startups are that really matter. The database should go a long way towards making this clearer, as well as offering another platform internationally.

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With hundreds of startups, founders and tens of investors listed the database already provides an extensive overview of the important players, but we’re not there yet. Now that we’ve set the first step in the right direction we need the rest of the community to add and edit what is already there. Everybody can contribute to this initiative and help make the database as complete as possible.

Built on Silk, announced using Nouncy with a Dutch press release via PR.co this is a Dutch startup initiative caried by and for the community.

Disclosure: author is one of the initiators of Dutchstartupdatabase.

Wouter Kneepkens
Startup guy, mentor & investor with finance background | fund manager @ VNT.RE | founding editor @ StartupJuncture | co-founder @ SNTMNT | INSEAD alumn | Singapore & Amsterdam | Wouter Kneepkens
  1. mikevhoenselaar says:

    What will it offer over current startup/investor overview initiatives like http://dutchstartupmap.com/?

    • Sorry for the late response Mike. DSM seems to have been discontinued. What it will offer is an incredible amount of extra depth vs. only having a name and address. In case the community contributes (currently seems to be working, but let’s wait for the momentum to quiet down before drawing conclusions) you’d have a spiderweb of startup data, founders, investors, people, startups. And you can already draw nice maps of the actual address data in case that holds your fancy too 😉 Map: http://www.dutchstartupdatabase.com/page/Startup%20map

      • mikevhoenselaar says:

        What I would like to have is a startups I know feature and a when I am somewhere in the Netherlands with the press of a button see who is nearby for coffee.

        I would like to see which investors invested in what and how much.
        Also in a timeline hoe they came together. What is the probability how they found each other.
        When is startup launched, with news/blog posts and when they announced funding.

        Startups is great, but as soon a company find a business model that works they need to be off the startup list. They are a company now. I want to read more about the journey of the startup and which bm works for them.
        So I can lookup which business models got the most funding in 2014 for instance.
        Great post material for this blog :).

        Love to see difference in authority founders. Which awesome founders are raw talent I def have to meet.
        Facilitate those meetings. Startup mentors for instance. P2P mentoring via 24sessions for instance instead of via an accelerator.

        View a track record of a founder and what he or she did, maybe even a psychology profile.
        Love to see which startup or founder fits best to me.
        I want to learn and see which competence I miss or can improve based ont this statistics.
        Great elearning possibilities.

        From an internship, job perspective I love to find the best startup with the best culture fit where I can work.

        Same for accelerators, which one to pick. Startups can do a test, you use data for platform and show startup best suitable accelerator or do they even need an accelerator.

        These are a couple of my hopes for you guys the next couple of years :P.
        I believe these can increase quality of startup culture / startup movement in Netherlands.
        And increase probability for other startups/investors to come to NL.

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