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VR Startup Manus Machinae launches Oculus Rift compatible dataglove Kickstarter campaign

The yesterday launched campaign is set to raise €100.000 to enable the startup to start the production of the gloves fall this year and complement the team with a designer and a UX programmer.

The value proposition of the Eindhoven based startup is to enable you to get fully immersive in the virtual world: also with your hands. “Are you going to sit behind your traditional mouse and keyboard configuration or will you be part of the machine!” the founders of Manus Machinae argue on their Kickstarter campaign page.

The prototype of the ‘Manus’ is a dataglove tethered to a computer via a usb-cord. It has a gyroscope to file hand rotations, an accelerometer to detect hand movements and flex sensors to measure the position of the fingers. The team intends to develop a wireless version and enable tactile or haptic feedback. Besides gaming the startup sees an opportunity to use the Manus for controlling drones. In this way it resembles the startup Control VR that launched its Kickstarter campaign just a month ago.

An SDK is made available for developers to build applications and the Manus will platform agnostic.

Manus Machinae is a three-week old three-founders startup. The launch of Oculus Rift two years ago (also on Kickstarter) and its subsequent purchase by Facebook for an astonishing $2 Billion has rebooted virtual reality. A lot of hardware upstarts are entering the market. The KOR-FX and ARAIG Gaming Vests let gamers ‘feel’ bullets and explosions. The Omni VR treadmill allows you to walk, run and jump in a virtual environment. The founders of Manus Machinae argue that nobody is focusing on ‘the hands’, co-founder Bob Vlemmix said to Dutch tech website Tweakers. Though Control VR for at least one clearly is.

The price of the Manus Machinae is set to be €199. The startup is hoping to raise the €100.000 by August 27.

Here is the kickstarter campaign vid

Here is the Manus Machinea and Oculus Rift Demo


Photo Credit:  Manus Machinea

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