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Silicon Canals: a new media outlet for startups from Amsterdam

Silicon Canals, a new (Dutch) blog about the Amsterdam startup scene, was launched this week. PR-oriented founders Arjan Drost and Remco Janssen describe it as “a site to promote local startups with a (big) hint of journalism.”

Silicon Canals wants to be a platform of (research) journalism, educating blogs as well as juicy startup gossip. But there is a mission too. “Startups do fantastic work. We believe we can make this known to a bigger crowd”, write the founders on their blog.  

Janssen and Drost, both involved with PR-bureau Proudly Represents (from which Silicon Canals originated), subsequently describe themselves as marketers rather than journalists. And they invite the community to join in on their quest to promote startups with an open call to send all “PR-flack”.

Autonomic blogger Wessel Simons was however brought in to secure the hint of journalism. Silicon Canals therefore also seems like more of the existing: Sprout, NUzakelijk, Emerce, DutchCowboys, Marketingfacts, Frankwatching, and of course Startupjuncture.

I can’t help but wonder. Is the Dutch startup scene even big enough for all these players writing about entrepreneurship and innovation? (a question for Startupjuncture readers to answer!)

This new player believes it is. And it believes it’s different, because in their view, things can be done a little better. “We strive to put a little pressure on Dutch media to write about the Dutch startup scene. That means better, more often and more in terms of (positive) content.”

This, according to the founders, is also where the need of startups is answered. But of course any company wants their name in the papers in a positive way.   

Silicon Canals, in any case, is a sign of a growing startup community in The Netherlands, which is a good thing. And it’s another chance for startups to get the much desired positive attention.


Banner image: Silicon Canals

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  1. Sieuwert van Otterloo says:

    I was initially sceptical about another startup blog, but after reading the articles published so far I see some value. Silicon Canals fills a niche, due to it’s different writing style. The articles are written in a more entertaining style, like geenstijl or quote, rather than the journalistic/neutral stye of startupjuncture, economist and other mainstream media. I hope they succeed in bringing a bit of excitement, entertainment and a fresh perspective.

  2. Dutch startup scene is pretty much international, most teams have people that don’t speak Dutch… Also majority of funded startups aim to go global, so the media itself doesn’t help to promote the scene outside this tiny little country.

    PS. Funky name, but trying again to make another Silicon Valley copy for [insert city name]

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