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This week in startups and tech news

Good morning! Were you enjoying the good weather over the weekend and missed some of last weeks news about dutch startups and tech? The team of StartupJuncture collected all the news you might have missed. So, get yourself a coffee and make a fresh start to the day. Here’s what happened in Dutch tech last week and over the weekend:

Startup News

cinetreeOn monday 13th Cinetree was launched a new video on demand platform. For a fixed fee of 4.99 per month, this startup offers fresh movies every week. The movies are handpicked by a team of curators to ensure relevant content. The startup is based in Amsterdam and is an initiative by actress Hanna Verboom.

Carlos vireirra has launched Noombers, an online platform for sports organisers. The startup was born out of his own need as a sports tournament organiser. The ambitions are large. “We do not want to be an online excel sheet. Rather we want to become the Facebook for athletes.”

Two seventeen year old founders,  Maarten van Gelderen en Yorick Kiestra, have launched Dhreams, on online market place for 3D-designs. The focus is on the home printing market.

Ringcredible, the phone startup from Breukelen that only recently raised a large funding round, has used the funds to take over Jabbaworld, an African competitor. Through this acquisition, Ringcredible is growing rapidly and aims to become the number one travel app.


The Ocean Cleanup, a green project that aims at removing plastic from the ocean, has successfully raised more that 2 million dollar to start their pilot phase.

Events & Competitions

On October 2nd, a conference on big data is taking place in the Trouw building in the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam. This national event, named The Future of Big Data, features several interesting speakers including software engineer Erik Meijer.

Idea Challenge is a European competition for ICT startups. A total amount of 80.000 euro in prize money is available, distributed over 4 categories:

Startups can sign up until September 30th.

Utrecht Inc and Sprout are organising an event called Startup meets cofounder were people can meet co-founders. Startups with an incomplete team and people looking to join a startup can sign up and meet each other on October 16th.

Startups that want a near free demo stand at Emerce eDay, one of the biggest digital events of The Netherlands can still sign up for the startup alley, co-organised by Emerce, Startupjuncture and Siteworkers.

Monday morning read

If you are looking for something of interest to read, you might want to re-read this article from March called ‘Why there are no women in tech‘. The article touches on the important point that there are not enough female role models for many careers, including that of the startup founder. The article points out that visibility of women in tech is a key issue, which is why Startupjuncture is creating visibility for all founders regardless of their backgrounds (Earlydoc, Double Dutch, iLost are just a few of the many Dutch startups with female founders that we covered). The Lego company is also working on the role model problem with this female scientist set.

If gender studies are not your thing but you do have an interest in more-than-profit, you could a have a look at digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom or read about the origin of Free Software. Most startups benefit from free software but fail to realise that free software was started to ensure privacy and human rights rather than just saving costs.

See you next week folks!

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Sieuwert van Otterloo
Sieuwert van Otterloo is IT expert by day and startup enthusiast by night. IT expert via Softwarezaken | innovation expert via Node1 | editor and cofounder of StartupJuncture | member of StartupDelta | startup investor. Reach out to Sieuwert via otterloo @ gmail .com
  1. mikevhoenselaar says:

    Thanks! Great monday morning read.
    Don’t forget the Dutch Open Hackathon 🙂

    • Sieuwert van Otterloo says:

      Ironically I did not have the time to write about the Dutch open hackathon, because I spent much time this weekend at the Dutch Open Hackathon. I was a pitch coach for the teams saturday evening and monday morning. The atmosphere was great and I have seen some very creative ideas (e.g. combining TomTom, Philips Hue, Myorder and Albert Heijn). I hope to make a separate post later this week.

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