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‘Speed Up’ your startup with a €50.000 grant

If you’re starting a software company in the verticals clean tech, smart cities or agribusiness or launching a new product as an existing company than you might be interested in the EU subsidy program Speed UP! Europe.

The program provides a grant of €50.000 for established companies and startups alike interested in using EU funded FIWARE technology as the technological foundation of their (new) product.

In total 100 teams will accepted to the program. Teams that need to recruit an employee or additional team member in a later stage can apply for a supplementary €20,000.

Companies accepted to the program will be supported by ‘business support organizations’ in Hamburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Brussels. Mentoring and coaching is provided for up to one year. The local partners in Amsterdam are Webclusive, University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Crowdfundinghub.

For a team just starting a company receiving €50.000 as a grant is quite interesting. The application of FIWARE technology is however an important condition. According to Tsvi Vinig, professor of entrepreneurship at the UvA, the technology enables teams to accelerate their product development process. “By using FIWARE technology you don’t have to build everything from scratch”, he says. “If your product idea requires a GPS positioning system you can use a ready-made FIWARE module instead of developing a new one yourself”, Vinig adds.

The program is restricted to the EU: team members must either work or be a resident in a country that is part of the 7th Framework Program. Your team should consist of three to five people.

If you’re interested in the Speed UP! Europe program you can visit the information session about the program organized on November 19th at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. You can get a free ticket here.
Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

Samir Saberi
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  1. This FIWARE bullshit has been one of the worst failures in EU spending over the past decades. Instead of coming up with measures that help actual startups (which was the goal) they’ve gone out and spent hundreds of millions of euro’s on silly technology that nobody wanted. Now they are trying to inspire subsidy hungry “entrepreneurs” to come up with unwanted products built on top of unwanted technology to waste even more EU cash. Silly silly silly. Best way ever to make EU #1 in tech & startups…

  2. Sieuwert van Otterloo says:

    HI Samir, it is hard to get your actual opinion from the article. Did you see the article on Techncrunch called “Why is the EU spending 100 million on a pointless hackathon?”. Do you agree that these are pointless hackathons and a waste of money?

    I also struggled to find this so-called Fi-ware software. Is there any actual software people can build on? Where do I get it? All in all, not sure whether startups will actually ‘speed up’ if they apply.

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