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Incubator YES!Delft announces partnership with handful of corporates, including KPMG, Aramco & PNO

YES!Delft today announces a partnership with an impressive list of (international) corporates to facilitate innovation. New partners include law firm Bird & Bird, Port of Rotterdam, technical servicer TBI, KPMG, consultants PNO and Aramco Overseas.

Through its experience with technology startups YES!Delft has built knowledge in how to accelerate innovation. The corporates are looking to the Delft-based incubator to connect them with startups and improve their own rate of and exposure to innovation. “To us YES!Delft is the ideal place to spar about and work on innovative ideas”, says Piet-Jan Heijboer, director at TBI. “The entrepreneurial culture in the building is contagious. The current markets ask for a multi-disciplinary approach and innovative solutions, with rapid implementation. Cooperating with startups fits this trend completely.”

YES!Delft spent the past months exploring the needs of corporates in the field of innovation. “Companies are looking for rapid and open innovation models”, according to Wouter de Bruijne, commercial Director at the incubator. “Startups know how these models function, which gets increasingly recognised by corporates, which therefore look for partnerships.” This gets acknowledged by KPMG partner Edo Roos: “YESDelft! startups will for a source of innovation to us as well as our customers. We can also mutually benefit from each other’s networks.” 

TBI will use the partnership to launch its 2015 innovation competition, while Aramco is looking to co-organise a sustainable innovation event. The cooperation with Port of Rotterdam will lead to the Port Innovation Lab, which is looking to foster innovative ideas to make the harbor smarter, cleaner and better.  

YES!Delft startups should also benefit from the corporate partnerships. Besides potential clients and partners the corporates will also offer the startups access to expertise. Bird & Bird and PNO Consultants will advise startups within their respective fields of expertise. Bird & Bird partner Pauline Vos: “Cooperating with creative, young entrepreneurs will be an enriching experience to our international law firm.”

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