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Smart photo app Bundle raises 250k in seed funding

Dutch startup Bundle just announced they raised 250.000 euros in seed funding from Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and some informal investors. Also, a worldwide expansion is in the making.

Bundle‘s algorithm lets you create memories from the thousands of photos just hanging around on your smartphone automatically. The app creates so called bundles, visual stories from pictures taken and from pictures friends took at the same time.

“The more pictures we take, the less we do with it”, says co-founder Michel op ‘t Landt. “We wanted to add more value to all those pictures.”


Bundle is in beta on iPhone now and syncs with Dropbox. The funding is used to create a desktop and an Android app. Also, the money will secure more integrations, like with Google Drive and iCloud. Also, the startup wants to test the beta with their first users to prepare it for a worldwide expansion.


Bundle had to pivot quite drastically. Before Bundle, the startup was called Ukky (based on Dutch slang for ‘little kid’). Based in accelerator UtrechtInc at the time, the target audience consisted of parents – parents who didn’t want to lose track of their kid growing up, thus creating an app that collects and manages photos of their little ones. The technology used is still the same, although Bundle now addresses an even bigger audience.

Photo provided by Bundle

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