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This week in Dutch Startups & Tech: News, Funding and Competitions

Good afternoon! Were you offline over the weekend or missed some of last week’s news about Dutch startups and tech? The team of StartupJuncture collected all the news you might have missed. Here’s what happened in Dutch tech last week and over the weekend:


The biggest Dutch startup news of the last few days was of course the announcement of former EU commissioner Neelie Kroes becoming the Special Envoy for startups. Kroes is going to lead the StartupDelta initiative. The long-term aim of StartupDelta is to turn Amsterdam and The Netherlands into the most vibrant startup ecosystem of Europe.


Off-shore startup Barge Master announced last week that it had raised 20 million from mid-market private equity firm Parcom Capital. Barge Master has developed technology that enables companies to compensate for the movements of vessels from waves. The technology offers maritime and offshore industry companies the opportunity to significantly increase the number of workable hours/days on offshore vessels. 


Philips Innovation Award 2015

If you’re an entrepreneurial student you can now apply for the Philips Innovation Award 2015The competition consists of four Stages (Idea Stage, Developing Stage, Refining Stage and Final Stage). In each Stage, the participants will be coached in transforming their idea into a successful startup. This is done in conjunction with incubators and accelerators like YES!Delft in Delft and StartupBootcamp in both Amsterdam and Eindhoven. The finale of the contest is May 21th. The finalist will win a prize worth of €50.000. 

The deadline for the ‘Idea Stage’ is 21 December 2014. The deadline for the Developing Stage is 15 February 2015

Sprout Startup Of The Year

The Dutch business and startup online magazine Sprout has revealed the shortlist of startups that are contending to become the Sprout Startup Of The Year. The 2014 shortlist consists of the following startups:


The i-Tunes for Journalism


A sharing economy lease concept for washing machines


Making investing serious fun


Makes better 3D printed ankle braces


Fastr makes the life of the online shopper a lot easier by enabling a faster checkout process.


Fitmo has developed an app that takes the personal trainer online and mobile. It recently signed a deal with Jawbone.

Media Distillery

Is the search engine for radio and television


E-commerce platform SendCloud makes it easy to send and track packages. Ealier this year it awarded with the Rising Star Award 2014.

Tom Kabinet

Dutch startup aiming to become the Ebay of secondhand E-books. Yes, E-books!


Allows online shoppers to enter shops via Google Business View, click on the item they want and buy.


The EIT ICT Labs Best IoT startup of the year Undagrid is nominated again.


Is a expert-curated content startup. Two months ago it raised 1.2 million in funding.

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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