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Fintech startup Sign2Pay raises €600k angel round

M-commerce startup Sign2Pay raised 605.000 euros from angel investors this week. The Belgian startup, based in Antwerpen (BE) and Amsterdam, lets customers of online merchants pay on a mobile device – with their autograph.

Among the angels are Arco van Nieuwland, founder of the Dutch company Exact Software, and Lucas Brentjens, former CEO of Exact. Both are also advisors to Sign2Pay.

Van Nieuwland calls the technology “as simple as it is brilliant”: “Banks and customers can trust that transactions are handled safely.” With their investment Van Nieuweland and Brentjens want to make Sign2Pay “the leading payment platform for m-commerce in the eurozone.”

Seed round

The money is used to expand the sales team to get more big m-commerce companies in Belgium and The Netherlands to join. Later this year Sign2Pay will open a seed round of €1,5 million for rolling out to other countries, co-founder Nicolas Mertens told StartupJuncture.

The startup can handle transactions of banks in 18 countries. Today Sign2Pay launched a new plugin, making the technology available for smaller online shops.

Image: Sign2Pay

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