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These startups enter Rockstart’s New Smart Energy Program

Rockstart announced the nine startups that will join their second Smart Energy Accelerator program last Tuesday. The Amsterdam based accelerator started the program last year to run next to the ‘traditional’ web & mobile category.

The startups in the 2015 program are divided into separate categories – being the sustainable generation of energy and those reducing the use of energy by increasing understanding about usage.

Sustainable energy is a major global concern. Issues like climate change are no longer perceived as fear-mongering but as reality, and humanity is said to be in the existential danger-zone. There’s a huge demand for innovation in the sector, so there’s a lot to gain for smart innovators and an accelerator like Rockstart.

The 9 startups are from 7 different countries and are developing new, sustainable ways to generate and save energy. Each company will receive an investment of €20k, office space, and access to associated mentors for a period of 6 months in exchange for 8% of their shares.

Here’s a list of the startups that were chosen for the 2015 program:


Country: Finland

Market: Solar panels

Target group: Local projects in the Middle East and North Africa

Masar matches small local projects to investors in the Middle East and North Africa. They source, install and supply components for solar system.


Country: Mexico

Market: Solar panels

Target group: Local projects in Mexico

Wirewatt offers the opportunity to white-label the production and sales of solar energy. They check the sites, provide the hardware and do the maintenance.


Country: United Kingdom

Market: Solar panels

Target group: Individual households

Enable consumers to transfer to solar energy without added costs upon changing or extending contracts with their energy supplier. The solar panels will be installed locally on key places in the community, such as schools or sports-clubs.

Capacity Energy Storage

Country: Netherlands

Market: Energy storage

Target group: Independent energy producers

Capacity Energy Storage is developing a way for local producers to store energy to sell excess power to bigger networks or save it for later.


Country: Cyprus

Market: Optimising energy usage

Target group: Consumers

Viridom is developing an app that gives people insights into how much energy they’re using. They also give utility companies the right data to better match supply and demand for energy.


Country: Netherlands

Market: Optimising energy usage

Target group: Individual households

On its platform Bleeve gives advice to consumers on what measures would work best for their home. The advice ranges from the instalment of solar panels to pointing the consumer to the most reliable energy provider in the area.


Country: Italy

Market: Understanding energy consumption

Target group: Energy suppliers

Entelligo gives suppliers the tools to see the impact of their systems on energy usage. They are building an app that will reduce time and money spent on sales and increases productivity.


Country: Slovenia

Market: Optimising energy usage

Target group: Individual households

Zenodys uses IoT technology to connect different appliances and devices on one platform to allow for targeted use of energy by every appliance and light in a house or office.

Finch Buildings

Country: Netherlands

Market: Buildings

Target group: Real estate developers

Energy can also be saved by changing the way buildings are constructed. Finch Buildings creates buildings that are sustainable and flexible. The buildings need to be connected to a water- and power supply and are made of sustainable materials.

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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