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Calendar42 takes over carpool startup Toogethr

The ‘dynamic planning’ app Calendar42 just announced they bought carpool startup Toogethr. No financial details are revealed.

Toogethr struggled to get traction and make money in the peer-to-peer business, and eventually shut down at the end of 2014.

Calendar42, a spin-off startup from university TU Delft, helps businesses and individuals to shape their appointments on the go. Or as they call it, ‘short term planning solutions’. Travel information is provided to help the person get to his meeting, Google Now-style.

According to Michel Boerrigter, founder of Calendar42, Toogethr is a “logical addition to our mobility services”.

The Toogethr app will still be operational. Users of Toogethr won’t notice anything during the take-over, at least not on short term, said the release.

Calendar42 in the future

The team of Toogethr will be working on further developing their tool within the Calendar42-system. “Behind the scenes we’re working on synergies first”, said Boerrigter to StartupJuncture. “Eventually individual users and businesses will get ridesharing suggestions if someone is nearby.”

Calendar42 doesn’t make money from its individual users, for whom the service is free, but from subscriptions for businesses. As Boerrigter said it, “mobility is becoming more and more important for businesses.”

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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