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Real-Time Media Startup Ubideo Launches

Amsterdam-based startup Ubideo launches today. After a year of stealth mode product development the live video streaming startup will slowly open up its platform for a selected number users. 

UbideoUbideo combines location-based requests by viewers, with real-time streaming replies made by anyone with a smartphone. More specifically the mobile app enables an interested viewer at location A to request a live stream of an event unfolding at location B. If there are more streamers at the same event the viewer can instantly switch between the different streams shared. Viewers and streamers can interact with each other via an in-app chat.

“Ubideo empowers anyone with a smartphone to be a real-time reporter by capturing and streaming any event as it unfolds without any filter, says Gerald Been, CEO and co-founder of Ubideo. “Our platform enables streamers to connect with millions of viewers around the world in a highly interactive way. Viewers can easily request for and explore streams and interact with the streamers.”

Ubideo has secured €450.000 in seed funding. The founders as well as a select group of angel investors have invested. For it’s private beta test the startup is looking for people that want to cover and share news, sports and live events. In this phase the Ubideo app is solely available on an invite-only bases. The company plans to make the platform publicly available later this year.

Disclaimer: Ubideo is a startup sprouting from startup factory Node1. Samir Saberi is an associate partner at Node1.

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