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Symbid raises 550k to add loans to its crowdfunding platform

Crowdfunding website Symbid raised 547.000 euros (625.000 dollars) from “well-known Silicon Valley technology investors” to expand its funding options on its platform.

Their investment follows a signed agreement with the Dutch financial advisory firm Credion. Symbid expects 753 million euros (860 million dollars) worth of transaction volume through its entire network in 2015.

More funding options

Symbid is introducing loans to its platform as a result of this partnership, with more funding options being added in the second quarter of 2015, according to the press release.

“We anticipate online funding to become the next big thing in finance, and we’re confident that we can utilize its first mover advantage to lead this process”, said Hendrik Kasteel, member of the board of directors.

Symbid Corp.

Symbid started in 2011 Rotterdam but now has multiple offices in Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin and New York. Since their start the platform succesfully raised money for 70 startups and entrepreneurs. It was one of the first crowdfunding platforms worldwide. Symbid Corp, the business behind Symbid, also helds business valuation tool Equidam and crowdfunding platform for gaming Gambitious.

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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