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Rental startup Housing Anywhere secures $1 million

Rotterdam based student housing startup Housing Anywhere just recieved 1 million dollar (885.000 euro) in funding from henQ Invest and two other funds.

With the investment, the three funders will take an undisclosed small share in the company. The startup will use the money to grow the company. An integrated payment solution like in Airbnb will be introduced. Later founder Niels van Deuren wants to apply a cross-selling business model, he said to business website Sprout. (article in Dutch)

Housing Anywhere

Housing Anywhere started in 2009 by a now alumni of the Rotterdam School of Management, part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). It’s already active in 21 countries and 155 cities worldwide.

With Housing Anywhere, international students can rent student rooms to each other – so they don’t pay double the rent. It’s for students only – without an university e-mail address you can’t enter. Yes indeed, just like Facebook in its early days.


The investment in Housing Anywhere is the second recent success of Rotterdam based student housing startups. At the end of last year Rocket Internet took over Nestpick, the ‘Airbnb for international students’. Nestpick was also created by a student entrepreneur at EUR.

The link between the two startups goes even further: from the start Nestpick and Housing Anywhere have worked together. Housing Anywhere provided Nestpick with extra customers, and Nestpick gave Housing Anywhere extra inventory.

According to Herman Hintzen, managing partner at HenQ Invest, the investment in a housing startup is quite obvious. “The attention for peer-to-peer room rentals nourished with AirBnB. The Nestpick takeover gave it an extra impulse”, he said to StartupJuncture. “Housing Anywhere is the first in the segment of international exchange students.”

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