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NewVenture round two: a look at the twenty teams left

NewVenture announced the selected teams to be considered as winners of round two of their business plan competition. Here, we’ll have a look at the twenty teams that are still left.

NewVenture is a Dutch competition, founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and McKinsey and Company, to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship in The Netherlands. Cash prizes are awarded to teams for the best ideas, the best feasibility studies and the best business plans.

Round two: feasibility studies

Round one was completed on November 20th, 2014 and focussed on the best ideas. Round two of the competition focusses on feasibility studies. Important aspects which are considered are marketing prospects, supply chain organization and funding needs. In 2014 the winners of round two were AERspire, Corellian, Legify, McNetiq Controlock, ReSnap and ParkFlyRent. Winning the NewVenture award can easily lead to more: just last week ReSnap secured 450.000 euro in funding.

The teams


2Move-Implants has developed an innovative new implant that’s fixated by ingrowing bone tissue, instead of adhesion of bone tissue. This results in life long durability of the implant.

42 Education

42 Education, founded by Jeroen Offerijns, Thomas Meijers and Tobias Rijken in April 2014, developed an inclusive learning platform for primary education. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques 42 Education detects learning disabilities and adapts its program to the user’s needs.

Active Cues

Active Cues stimulates physical and social activity in dementing elderly people, by reducing apathy. The concept is based on interactive animations, projected on a table, that respond to movement.

Adjuvo Motion

Adjuvo Motion developed a compact modular robotic brace, that provides a cost-effective way to help with the rehabilitation of people with paralyzed arms as a result of stroke.

Batavia Dutch Coffee

Batavia Dutch Coffee is an ice-cold coffee concept that delivers a rich and pure coffee with a very long shelf life. The coffee is sold in bottles.


Bedrijfsoorcheck is a mobile hearing test for people who work in noisy environments.


Boulton makes tailor-made designer sunglasses. Production is done by using additive manufacturing techniques (professional 3D printing) based on the personal data of the customer.


Collibox provides companies an easy way to compare, order and manage their logistic needs, using an online platform.


Ensie is the social knowledge platform where modern-day experts can share their knowledge with each other.


Fetalstar developed a more cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly ‘tele-health’ solution to guard the unborn child and to prevent prenatal complications.


HelpingHand, developed by Wouter van Dorsser and Heico Sanddee, is an intelligent robotic arm that helps elderly people with sitting down, standing up and (un)dressing.


OpusFlex is a B2B marketplace for temporary jobs. Using OpusFlex, every company can temporarily employ its own employees at another company.


PowerWindow, founded by Ferdinand Grapperhaus and Willem Kesteloo in September 2014, developed a coating that makes windows energy-producing, while remaining colourless, clear and transparent.

Private Ear

Private Ear is a device that protects musicians’ ears, while at the same time enabling them to hear themselves and their fellow musicians. All this without being dependent on big and complex installations or technicians.

Progresso Coffee

Progresso Coffee developed a compact 12 Volt mobile coffee maker, designed especially for use in cars.

Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey is a service provider for solar panels. Their software precisely predicts the efficiency and power production of solar panels.


Stokbikes is a new concept bicycle with foldable pedals and handlebar, which result in up to fifty percent less needed space per bicycle in storage.

Studio Galama – Leenders

Studio Galama – Leenders is about to introduce circular consumer products to the market, starting by offering modular headphones through a lease construction (€5/month) with regular updates and repairs. Annual updates keep the products updated, both in terms of technology and style. When a module is replaced it will be re-used to make a new one.

VS Particle

VS (Very Small) Particle, a high-tech spin-off of TU Delft, developed a technology that provides researchers a way to handle very large amounts of nano particles.

Wind Tales

Wind Tales is a ‘serious game’ developed for children with lung diseases. The game provides the patients with a novel way to do breathing exercises.

From twenty to ten

This week the jury will select a total of ten finalists, who will pitch their ideas on March 12th to the jury and a live audience. Five teams with the best feasibility studies win a prize of one thousand euro each. An additional one thousand euro prize is awarded to the team with the best feasibility study in the category ‘sustainable mobility’.

If you are interested in seeing the ten finalists pitch and want to see who wins, you can apply here to attend the award ceremony on March 12th in the AEGON building in Den Haag.

Frontpage image by Adjuvo Motion

Joffrey Mandersloot
Joffrey is a freelance writer and editor for startupjuncture, with a background in biology and environmental studies.
  1. Sieuwert van Otterloo says:

    People interested in attending the second round finals and see who wins, can apply here: http://www.newventure.nl/agenda/prijsuitreiking-ronde-2/
    It takes place at AEGON Den Haag

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