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Eleven smart city startups selected for Startupbootcamp

Accelerator-network Startupbootcamp announced yesterday the startups for their new Smart City and Living program. Suprisingly not ten but eleven startups were selected: four from Netherlands, seven from France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland, Spain and Israel.

The accelerator landscape in The Netherlands is growing up: a few years ago the news was that there are local acccelerators and that startups can grow in The Netherlands. Nowadays we take it for granted that both Rockstart and Startupbootcamp are running multiple successful programs and are able to attract high profile startups. The interesting part about the new class announcements is specialization. Startupbootcamp no longer has a ‘Vanilla Amsterdam’ program. The normal Amsterdam program from last year has been replaced with a new vertical program. Startupbootcamp is now only selecting thematic classes for their accelerators: high-tech in Eindhoven (just completed with a demo day), E&M commerce in the fall (just completed with a demo day) and now Smart City and Living. The accelerator focuses on all technology related to smart home, internet of things and smart living. After two selection days, with 19 startups pitching, they surprised everyone by selecting not 10 but 11 startups.

All Selected

The demo day of this program will take place in July: the startups will use the next two weeks to relocate to Amsterdam, and will then participate in a 100-day program where they validate their business model, strengthen their product offering and practice their investor pitch. If past results are any guide, most startups will receive additional funding from venture capitalists before or on demo day.

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