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Northern Netherlands gets own version of startup agenda

A regional startup agenda for the Northern part of the Netherlands was launched this week. The initiative is a follow up of the national agenda to unite the regional startup community and create more jobs.

“We see some great startup things happening in the Northern part of the Netherlands”, says initiator Anne-Wil Lucas Smeerdijk  to StartupJuncture, whom is also a member of the Dutch parliament for liberal party VVD. “For example the Mediacentrale in Groningen or the Watercampus in Friesland, but there is hardly any contact or exchange between the initiatives.”

Brainstorming with the entrepreneurial community of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, the desire to cooperate more was brought forward. Conversations eventually led to the drafting of a special startup agenda, StartupNNL, containing “practical measures” to unite the region.

Startup hub

Practical measures have yet to be drawn up, but “if the region presents itself more like a startup hub, they may easier attract investors like Google Ventures”, says Lucas. “We hope to build our website StartupNNL.nl to being a meeting and showcase spot for the North.”

Moreover, the party feels like schools and universities in the region should have more attention for entrepreneurship and courses like programming. “Especially since more jobs in the North are necessary”, says Lucas. “Young people in the region need perspective, and the opportunity of building an own company can offer that.”

A national startup agenda was launched in 2013 to foster successful startups in The Netherlands.

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