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Nerdalize partners up with Eneco to heat homes with servers

Nerdalize, the startup that wants to heat buildings with computer power, just announced a field trial with energy company Eneco. The latter acquired an undisclosed interest in Nerdalize as well.

The Eneco eRadiator, formerly known as the Nerdalize Grid Heater, will be installed in the homes of five families in The Netherlands.

It will take at the least to the end of the year to complete the test. Eneco and Nerdalize will use the results to determine if and how the eRadiator can be made available to a larger number of customers.

Free heating

Nerdalize, one of our Dutch startups to watch in 2015, promises free heating. A server inside the heater generates computing power that perform complex calculations. At the same time, it generates a lot of heat to warm homes.

The startup pays for the electricity needed to run the server/heater. To do that Nerdalize sells the computing power to businesses and knowledge institutes.

Photo by judenicholson (Creative Commons via Pixabay)

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