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Weekly startup news update – funding news, fighting for net neutrality and the startup bubble examined

A busy week of startup news awaits, but not before we look back at the highlights of last week. Your weekly startup news update and must reads for Monday.

Funding news

Distributed printing platform Peecho raised 700k euros from Peak Capital, Sumis Company and strategic partner Printforce last Friday.

Amsterdam-based startup Dashmote announced on Thursday, during Uprise, they raised 450.000 euro in pre-seed funding from an angel investor, with a post-money valuation of 4,5 million euro.

Also big news from Nerdalize. The startup that wants to heat buildings with computer power announced a field trial with energy company Eneco on Tuesday. The latter acquired an undisclosed interest in Nerdalize as well.

Startup news

‘You thought net neutrality was saved in Europe? Guess what? It wasn’t’, say Startups for net neutrality. They have initiated a campaign to secure our net neutrality. Support by signing the petition.

With still 46 days of campaigning to go lost and found startup Ilost already secured 110 percent of its crowd funding goal of 100k euros. (link to article in Dutch).

Insurance company Aegon wants to invest 100 million euros in FinTech startups in the coming years. The company has started a venture fund, operating from New York with a focus on startups relating to data analysis, financial advice and cybercrime. (Article behind pay wall FD in Dutch).

Monday read

Read this!

Many employees follow the same pattern of working daily from 9-to-5, at the employer’s location. Today’s workers, especially among the Millennials, are however questioning whether work must be this way. Isn’t it time to start looking into the aspirations behind the skepticism regarding the work formula?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is not always a smaller or cheaper version of your final product. Defining the goal for a MVP can save you tons of time, money and grief.

Parody alert! How product hunt helped this guy to grow a list of 12,989,483,288+ valuable subscribers and Generate 220k+ in sales in less than 20 Minutes.

Bill Maris, president at Google Ventures, wondered if data could tell us whether we are in a bubble with regard to startups or not. Is it as bad as the 2000 dot-com bubble? Might it actually be worse? Here is what he learned.

Photo by Pieter van Marion (creative commons via Flickr)

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