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DNA analytics startup BlueBee raises €1.75 million

BlueBee, a DNA analytics startup, has raised €1.75 million from a group of investors led by the Belgian VC firm Buysse & Partners. Delft University of Technology participates in this round with a €250.000 investment, the Dutch newspaper FD reports

BlueBee has developed a cloud-based genomics platform that enables medical care centers and research institutes to perform large scale genetic analysis orders of magnitude faster than conventional solutions. The startup claims that its platform enables as a result physicians to perform faster diagnostics.

The company was founded in 2011 by Koen Bertels and Zaid Al-Ars. Both founders combine a professorship position at Delft University of Technology with building their startup.

CEO Hans Cobben says that BlueBee will revolutionize healthcare. Right now hospitals are hardly using genetic data, because it’s just too expensive to do so, Cobbon argues. BlueBee’s ‘super’ or high performance computers make it however viable to perform large scale genome analysis. The company has tested its software at DKFZ, which is the national cancer research center of Germany.

The capital raised will be used to expand the team and start the international roll-out of the platform in the European countries Germany, Great-Britain and Austria. The startup expects to secure a 5% to 10% market share in the coming three to four years. It will sign its first client deals in the coming months.

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