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Photo app Bundle launches globally with another €250k in funding

Today the smart photo app Bundle launched its iPhone and Android app internationally. At the same time the app got an investment of 250.000 euro from angel investor Hans Veldhuizen. StartupJuncture spoke to Bundle about the global expansion, and why the startup wants to move to the US.

Last year Bundle already secured 250.000 euro from private investors when in beta. From beta to launch the startup worked on making sharing and getting photos from friends as slick and intuitive as possible.

The new funding from Hans Veldhuizen, former founder of Albumprinter/Albelli, will be used to expand the team and to scale. Like every startup, Bundle wants to grow fast. It’s doing so by planning to move to the US. “In order to get big in the Netherlands, you have to get big in the US first”, CEO and co-founder Michel op ‘t Landt said to StartupJuncture.

“The perception of photo apps is better in the US. And it’s a huge market. If we have a good launch there, the chance to succeed is bigger.”

Focus on US

At the moment Op ‘t Landt is in the US to specifically talk to American VC’s – he’s aiming for a series A or another seed round in 2016. “We’d like an US office in two years. At this time we do marketing and PR in the US, while we keep developing in The Netherlands.”

Regarding photo storage, Bundle wants to be an independent layer on top of cloud storage companies like Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon, but it also offers its own Bundle Backup for those that don’t have an cloud storage provider yet. “These big companies are competitors in some way, but it can’t hurt to crawl close to them.” Op ‘t Landt winks: “Maybe we can work together or make a white label for them. Such big clients can be exit partners in the future.”

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