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Eric Ries invests in crowdfunding startup Live On Demand

‘The Lean Startup’-author Eric Ries invested an undisclosed amount in Amsterdam based startup Live On Demand. The startup, making events happen through crowdfunding, started a campaign to let Ries speak in The Netherlands earlier this year.

The investment is part of a 500.000 euro investment the startup is looking for. CEO Thijs Sprangers said to RTL Nieuws he’ll use that investment to expand internationally and to hire new people.

When Live On Demand successfully booked the bestselling author in March (making it the biggest crowdfunded event for the startup), Sprangers asked Ries if he could connect him to Silicon Valley investors. Instead, Ries told him he liked the idea himself.

Not about the money

Sprangers said it is not only the money that makes this investment great. “Eric Ries has a big name in the startup scene, his books sell like crazy. His name linked to our startup is good for our image. Next to that he can introduce us to the American market and US VC’s.”

Lorenz van Gool
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