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Quiver and Bomberbot win Dell For Entrepreneurs Award 2015

Quiver and Bomberbot have won the Dell For Entrepreneurs 2015 Award. Upon announcing the winners yesterday evening, Jeannine Peek, General Manager for Dell Netherlands and chairwoman of the jury, said that Dell and its partners can be helpful in getting these startups to the next level.

For document protection startup Quiver and programming teacher Bomberbot the award means getting access to the marketing and sales power of Dell, especially in the B2B domain, and its technology resources.

Dells partners Accenture, Nalta Consultancy, Deterink, Rackspace and KPMG offer complementary ‘in-kind’ business services. All in all the support provided add up to an investment worth 75.000 euros.

The jury stated that the 10 finalist were of exceptional quality. Looking at where Dell can be of most value in supporting the startups to scale fast, Quiver and Bomberbot ‘really stood out’ the members argued.

Natural fit

“I think that Quiver is a natural fit”, Peek said about Quiver to StartupJuncture. “Dell can help Quiver to scale internationally very fast by providing access to our international client network.” Surprisingly she also said that the company is going to assess the possibility to get the Quiver security technology standardized in its products.

Bomberbot seems to be an investment in the future for the multinational corporation. “For the growth of Dell it’s very important to support initiatives that get young people excited about ICT”, said Peek. “If you use playful ways like coding to get children enthusiastic, I can only support that.”


Christian Bello, founder and CEO of Bomberbot, is excited about the opportunities collaboration with Dell bring to expand internationally. “We are in the process of expansion throughout Europe, so having acces to the network of partners is a good opportunity for us.”

“We are delighted to win the competition,” said David Beckett of Quiver. “We are going for the enterprise market and to be connected to Dell is a great way to have access to that enterprise market.”


The Dell For Entrepreneurs 2015 Award was co-organised by The Next Web. Here is the full list of finalist, selected out of 160 applicants.


Enables users to create smart ‘minute-made’ photo books through deep learning algorithms.


A real-time news analysis and notifications startup.


This startup is a marketing solution platform like Marketo and Hubspot. It helps companies to connect with their customers in a better way by providing them a diverse set of data about their clients.

Confer Call

Confer call promises to make life easier for the frequent conference-caller. The confer call app enables you start a conference directly from your address book.


Monolith strives for brick-and-mortar retailers to create a strong brand and increase revenue by providing its clients with in-store customer traffic data.


InstantMagazine enables its clients to build full responsive browser magazines.


This startup allows companies to send and receive digital invoices.


Offers an interactive blended learning platform to universities across The Netherlands.

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  1. Maron bieri says:

    @ Samir: Rackspace was also part of the prize package ,you made a typo (wrote Accenture twice) – Racskpace provides 15k£ credit hosting for the first year

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