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These 15 companies are the NewVenture finalists

On thursday June 25th, 15 companies (14 startups) will be competing for a 25.000 euro prize in the NewVenture business plan competition. 10 companies participate for the main award, 3 for the transport award and 3  (2 new and one from the main category) for the Medtech innovation award.

NewVenture was founded in 1998 as an initiative to stimulate entrepreneurship in The Netherlands. Since the competition predates the invention of Lean Startup, it uses a classic approach: participants are guide from an idea description to market research to a business plan. Even though this approach is no longer realistic, the competition still provides value in two ways: it helps would-be entrepreneurs work on their idea before launching a company, and it provides publicity and no-strings-attached funding for the winners. Past winners include Ephicas, Mastersportal, Nightbalance, One night’s tent and Snappcar.

This year the competion has one overall category (for all innovative companies) and two special sponsored categories. There are ten companies nominated for the main category, ranging from medical innovation to retail to green technology.

Active cues – helps dementia patients remain active

Adjuvo Motion – This company builds bionic arms to help people recover, e.g. from a stroke.

Batavia Dutch coffee – This company is introducing a new type of coffee, made with cold rather than hot water.

Bedrijfsoorcheck (company hearin check). This is not an independent startup but an initiative by the hearing foundation and hospitals AMC and UMC.

Collibox – This company is introducing a platform for transporting goods.

Diegafuel – This company produces a fuel injection system for all diesel engines that leads to a 10% – 15% fuel saving.

Goodhout – Goodhout is a new woodlike construction material made from coconut fibres.

PowerWindow – This company has found a way to make transparent solar cells than can be used as windows. Energy is generated without withholding too much light.

Trikelet – Trikelet claims to have made the most compact folding electric bike.

Wolk – Wolk company produces an airbag that people can wear to protect themselves against hip injuries.

Sustainable transport

Dutch association ANWB has sponsored an additional award, for sustainable innovation ideas. Three additional startups have been nominated:

Medical technology

NewVenture also has a special award for medical innovations. One of the nominees is Wolk, also nominated in the main category. Surpisingly, the two other nominees both focus on hearing. Apparently 2015 is the year of auditive innovations:

All nominees will be present at the Grand Finale of NewVenture. This event takes place on June 25th at ABN Amro headquarters in Amsterdam. Registration is free and can be done here.

Photo provided by NewVenture

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