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Young Technology Award 2015

The Young Technology Award is intended to put young, innovative companies or innovative business cases in the spotlight. Are you looking for media attention, new customers, new employees and a wider network? And do you want to measure your business strategy against those of other companies? Then the Young Technology Award is for you!

Registration for the Young Technology Award 2015 is open! Six nominees will be selected from the submitted entries. Your entry will consist of a fully completed registration form and the confirmation of receipt. After entries have closed, on 30 October 2015, the nomination committee will nominate six finalists. The nomination committee is made up of a reflection of the organisation committee. The nominated companies will be announced in November 2015.

Before the final, pitch training will be organised for the nominees. At this workshop you will learn about the ins and outs of a good pitch. Attendance is compulsory.

At the final, the six nominated companies or business cases will be invited to defend their entries to the jury. The final will take place on the evening of Tuesday 8 December 2015 in Enschede. The language at the final will be English.

Nominees have 2 minutes to present their pitch, after which they will be asked a number of questions by the jury. The pitches will alternate with other elements of the programme. Immediately after the jury’s deliberations, the award will be presented to the winning initiative.

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