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Life Sciences with Industry Workshop

Dutch and European research policy is increasingly stressing the coupling of academic research to industrial R&D. To be effective, mutual understanding between the two worlds is essential. The workshop Life Sciences with Industry at the Lorentz Center in Leiden aims to contribute to such understanding by exposing young investigators in the life sciences in academia to application-oriented research challenges of Dutch industry. Vice versa we intend to immerse investigators in industry in the world of publicly funded research. The workshop aims to attract young academic scientists and a number of investigators from the participating industries. Groups of participants will concentrate on application-oriented scientific challenges that are formulated by the industrial participants.


The workshop will be organized by:

Dr Gökhan Ertaylan, University Maastricht
Dr Ellen Feddes, STW, Utrecht
Dr Jurgen Haanstra, Free University Amsterdam
Christa Recourt-Hoeksel, CYTTRON II, Leiden
Prof.dr.em. Roel van Driel, Universiteit van Amsterdam

For more information about this workshop and to sign up, please go to stw.nl

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