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Former Fosbury founder starts new adventure with help of WeTransfer founder Nalden

Today Martijn de Kuijper, former founder of Yunoo and Fosbury, announced the introduction (out of BETA) of automated newsletter service Revue. In his third adventure Martijn is joining forces with WeTransfer founder Nalden and Mohamed El Maslouhi.

The product and results so far

After selling Fosbury to Verve Mobile in June, Martijn has been working on the development of Revue and getting the first users on board. The product allows you to easily design and create your weekly newsletter. Since the BETA launch 3 months ago, Revue has managed to create some impressive numbers.

By now, over 6500 issues are created and sent out to over 150.000 users each month. Amongst the “early adopters” are Nalden and Alexander Klopping, and we at StartupJuncture also make use of Revue to keep you up to date with our monthly newsletters.

With a little help of my friends

This is the first time Martijn has started a company without the help of Willem Spruijt, with whom he co-founded his last 2 companies. Willem is now part of the Team at Uber. Revue started out as a hobby project, during the acquisition process of Fosbury, Martijn started designing Revue just for fun.

People got excited after seeing the designs. After the initial launch on Producthunt he received so much positive feedback that it was time to take the project to the next level. Nalden got involved after he started using the product and loved it.

Martijn de Kuijper: “He send an e-mail but was not aware about the fact that the product was built by a Dutch founder. We decided to meet for coffee where we talked about the possibilities of working together. After a few conversations we decided to join forces and have PresentPlus involved with the growth of Revue. 

For now, the focus is on growing the number of users and product design in cooperation with the team of PresentPlus. Revue is not here to become the new Mailchimp but it wants to be a channel/network next to the existing social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Making use of the crowd out there: Producthunt

It’s already known amongst most of the startup founders that ProductHunt is a great way of introducing your product to “early adopters” and “innovators”. The story behind Revue is no exception. Martijn de Kuijper: “ProductHunt was a great platform for launching a first version of Revue. Not only did I get direct feedback on the ProductHunt website itself, I also got a lot of feedback from the 2000 users that signed up in the weeks after”.

Maturity of the startup ecosystem?

The reason why we also write about the introduction of Revue is the fact that it might be an indication of the Dutch startup community gaining maturity. From the investors perspective, one of the indicators is when former founders who sold their company turn angel investor and invest part of time and money in new startups. This is what you see happening in developed eco systems such as Silicon Valley. It is an important reason to why investor platforms such as Angel.co are flourishing.

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