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Homebrewing startup Minibrew gets €250k from VOC Capital

The beer brewing hype hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Dutch cities. Amsterdam startup Minibrew, which lets you homebrew the perfect beer with a machine and an app, picked up a 250.000 euro (or: 100.000 beers in a bar) seed investment from VOC Capital Partners.

With the Minibrew machine it is said that within 3,5 hours, and a week of fermentation you can brew 5 litres of any kind of beer like a stout, IPA or a blond. The app let’s you control the flavour and the alcohol percentage. You can find any recipes from other homebrewers as well.

Right now Minibrew has an Indiegogo campaign where it’s looking for an additional 100.000 dollars in sales.

With the funding, the startup can begin its manufacturing process, told co-founder Bart van de Kooij to StartupJuncture. Also, Minibrew wants to “aggressively enter new markets”. One of the strategies to accomplish that is with “super secret beer clubs”, communities in cities “to get people used to the ease of brewing”.

Gone in 60 minutes

According to co-founder Olivier van Oord, the beer startup didn’t need more than an hour to get the funding – including signing the term sheet, he said in a release. Reason: “Minibrew brings beer brewing to the masses. And masses mean more sales”, said Pieter Schoen from VOC Capital Partners.

New Philips?

People who’ve watched closely to the design see a remarkable similarity with Philip’s Senseo coffee machine, which at the time revolutionarized the way people drank coffee and made way for more machines with the pads/cups model. The natural ingredients for Minibrew’s machine can be bought from the startup, just like coffee pads. Van de Kooij: “We like to compare ourselves to the coffee machines of Jura.”

Photo provided by Minibrew

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