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Connecterra wins Web Summit Alpha Startup PITCH Competition

The Amsterdam-based startup Connecterra has won the Web Summit 2015 alpha startup PITCH competition. The so-called ‘Fitbit for cows’ hopes that the title will enable the team to more easily land the €2.1 million they are currently aiming to raise.

Connecterra’s product Dairy Activity Monitor can analyze real-time data of cattle such as movement, location and animal heath. Detection and prediction and advanced insights are provided via a device agnostic cloud-based platform to end users.

For its analytics backbone the company applies machine learning and data science technologies. Enabling customers all-in-all to improve farm productivity by freeing up labor time, improve the production per animal and optimize breeding cycles.

Track & trace

Another use case for organic farms is giving insights on free-grazing time per animal by enabling farmers to track and trace the movements of dairy cows on the individual level.

Currently Connecterra’s technology is being tested at a farm in the northern province of the Netherlands, Friesland. The startup aims to provide its solutions as a SaaS platform, deploying a subscription-based revenue model charging farmers a monthly fee for the services offered.

We’ve reached out to Connecterra for further comment and will update once we hear back.

Photo: From startup team (fair use)

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Samir Saberi
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