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Printr receives 750.000 euro in seed funding to launch 3D printing platform

The Netherlands always had an edge when it comes to 3D printing. With Shapeways, Ultimaker and 3D Hubs already being established, Enschede and Amsterdam-based Printr is the next to join in the latest 3D printing success. The startup has received 750.000 euro in seed funding from a group of informal investors and is launching its 3D platform/ecosystem Formide soon, Printr announced this week.

This platform is a system that allows users to find, configure and print their 3D models. The startup is an alumnus of accelerator Startupbootcamp. They were selected in the E&M commerce class in fall 2014, and presented on demo day in May this year. Apparently it takes about half a year to go from a successful demo to a completely closed financial deal. 

The funding will be used to add resources to the team, to scale their product further and to support more 3D printing manufacturers on Formide. It’ll be available for the “next generation of 3D printers”, 3Dprint.com writes.

Printr Element

The team of Douwe Bart Mulder (CEO), Cecile van der Waal (COO) and Chris ter Beke (CTO) are also ready to launch the Element, a device to stream 3D design directly to the printer or slicer via USB.

Image provided by Printr

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